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TEDxMaastricht 2016… from our curator’s perspective!

“Tell your story” said Arnaud Collery before he continued: “Not sharing yours, is a crime against yourself.” In a cascade of English words, uttered with his French accent, he talks about his youth and several profound life experiences. He makes me think about the value of stories. And about the responsibility of the curation team on this 6th TEDxMaastricht edition. The curation team has to design... Read More

Esther de Koning: a supershort acting course

Actress, writer and theater producer Esther de Koning is known for her honest and tragicomic productions for both young and adult audiences. Esther has won several prestigious national awards. From The Hague, Esther has... Read More

Jelmer Mommers: Horror stories on climate problems should not hold us back

Jelmer Mommers is an investigative journalist specialized in the field of climate change and energy for the Dutch journalism platform The Correspondent. He focuses on the intersection between sustainability, culture, politics and economics. His thesis earned him the Villamedia thesis prize back in 2012, and his efforts to reconstruct Dutch energy policy earned him a prize for investigative journalism. Read More

Rudy van Belkom: Why limit our freedom of choice?

We have all faced situations where we feel stuck, that we do not have a choice. What if we were able to change our perspective and open up new possibilities for ourselves? Well, it turns out we can, and Rudy will let us know all about it during his talk. Read More

Sanne Blauw: Putting numbers back where they belong

Numbers are being used every day. In the news, in politics, in our jobs, and even in our social interactions. They are used to convince, explain, but also to deflect from what is truly happening. Too often, numbers appear as abstract, objective and difficult. Sanne Blauw's mission is to make the world of numbers accessible to all. Read More