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TEDxMaastricht 2018 – VIDEOS

Mass Choreography that shows
dancing connects

Adriaan Luteijn

The devastating impact
of agro measures on farmers

Agnes Lensing-van de Ven

How to empower local leaders
Aziza Khabbush

The surprising impact
of our consumption habits

Babette Porcelijn

The power of sharing a meal – Insights from Calais Refugee camp
Leon Aarts

How can nanobiology contribute to have a happy, healthy sexual life
Peter Peters

My one legged life:
don’t hide your obstacles

Michaelrobbert Brans

Tango in the O.R.
Treatment breast cancer

Stefania Tuinder & Esther Heuts

Two migrants: one is an expat and the other a criminal refugee
Nadine Blankvoort

Survivor domestic abuse speaks up –
I left on a tuesday

Chiara Lisowski

No more fake news? Stop polarizing start framing
Baldwin van Gorp

A worldwide roadtrip to find good education
Erik & Luuk Ex

How a shipwreck changed my life from doctor to triathlete
Els Visser

Sustainable Development Goals:
time lapse to the future

Leen Zevenbergen