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TEDxMaastricht 2019 – cancelled

We regret to inform you that TEDx Maastricht 2019 has been cancelled.

As you know, the TEDx Maastricht team believe everybody should be able to attend a TEDx event to hear inspirational and motivational stories. To achieve this goal, we ensure that TEDxMaastricht is a FREE event, meaning the organization of the event is made possible through sponsorship.

Unfortunately in 2019 the TEDx Maastricht event did not receive enough sponsorship to create the high quality event that we pride ourselves on. With all options explored, the unfortunate conclusion is that we have to cancel this year’s event.

We understand that this is a big disappointment for you, as it is for the dedicated team of volunteers that put all their energy into making this magical event happen.

Thankyou for being a TEDx Maastricht supporter.

Kind regards,

Team TEDxMaastricht