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TEDxMaastricht gets worldwide appreciation.
The TED survey evaluating the TEDxMaastricht 2015 audience experience and appreciation was filled by as many as 578 of the 1,000 visitors. The score tallied up to an excellent evaluation of 8.8 out of 10. This indicates that the whole day exceeded expectations, although this does not say that there is no room for improvement for 2016. Most visitors wrote down that they had a great and inspiring day and gave excellent feedback on going even bigger.

And of course there will be many others who will watch the harvest online. On each video presentation the name of Maastricht shines in the background. And when the camera is behind the speaker – aimed at the audience – anyone can see that thousands of TED fans are feeling at home in Maastricht. We are still counting the number of views of the online videos. But we do know that about 400,000 viewers saw the videos from previous editions.

New York is watching us
Also important is the appreciation of the TED curators in New York, who have informally spoken in positive terms about the repeated good score of Maastricht. One of them slipped the note that the Netherlands is seen as a lead country at TED headquarters . And that each year the staff in New York awaits the Maastricht videos with special attention. What these licensors also appreciate, is the broad support by partners. In the case of Maastricht there is not one partner who dominates the entire TED event, but a series of collaborative, international companies and regional authorities. That says a lot about the appreciation in the region itself.

International radiation
TEDxMaastricht is an image generator for Limburg. An event that has worldwide effect. And thereby contributes to the recruitment of talented employees for Chemelot, DSM, MUMC + and many other international organizations in the region. Because a strong TED conference makes Limburg attractive. The TEDxMaastricht survey also draws the attention to the group of professional volunteers, that brought this event again and again to a high level of success. And as a member of that group, these results make me feel proud of course.

Jean-Paul Toonen, curator