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It’s a matter of perspective: It’s all in the mind

We live in a confusing but also an amazing time. Never before have we been so distracted from our basic needs and the root of our human existence. At the same time, we have achieved tremendous freedom to enjoy, have infinite knowledge to share and are more and more connected to each other in a world where everyone can have their say and be heard. Yet, when we think of the challenges of the future, we often wait for solutions from above. A master plan.  Last year’s theme “be the cure, small steps matter” was designed to stop this waiting game. Our leaders will not provide the solutions that we so urgently need. The small choices we all make daily, collectively have a big impact on the world. The way you consume, work, travel, love and share. Step by step, we as individuals can embark on a path to reshape our future.

“A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way.” – Allen Klein

In 2016, we want to continue with a variation of this theme, creating awareness, a mind-shift, as well as offer practical levers and stepping stones to make individual and immediate change. We will also aim to go beyond! At TEDxMaastricht we believe an opportunity lies in taking our audience by the hand and showing them the “breeding ground or biotope” of the ideas of substance we present on our TEDx stage. Not only launching ideas but also providing the context in which they arose. We hope that this will give TEDx fans the opportunity to see how ideas worth sharing are born. This brings the hero-TEDx speaker closer to the individual trying to take action.

We all view the same situations, but might not see what they entail. We all hear the same sounds, but might not interpret them the same way. We all have great ideas in us, it’s just a matter of finding them. It’s a matter of perspective. It’s all in the mind.