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Arnaud Collery does not beat around the bush. That’s his power. If you’re looking for clear and honest one-liner statements that will make you feel stronger about your purpose in life and the decisions to be made, Arnaud is your man.

“I just can’t stand fake anymore. I can’t take people who do not give their true agenda. I like real and raw connections.”

Having spent most of the past 20 years working and performing around the world, especially in the US and Asia, the French multitalented innovator, storytelling coach, stand-up comedian, screenwriter and filmmaker says he is “extremely happy” to go back to Europe as a speaker at TEDxMaastricht on 17 October: “Europe is a big deal for me. I am very grateful. People have said it’s one of the best TEDx events around so I hope I can bring my best game and make you proud.”

Following his personal mission to make the world a happier, funnier place, Arnaud is active in two main fields: making companies, organisations and governments happier by stimulating their employees’ sense of purpose and creativity through teambuilding and public speaking workshops; and organising and curating Stand Up for Passion events dedicated to sharing and spreading passionate and inspirational stories in cities across the world, because “everyone is inspirational, and everyone needs some inspiration.”

Arnaud’s favourite TED talk is Benjamin Zander’s message on the Transformative power of classical music:

“For me this is the best talk ever because Benjamin draws people into a field which most people are reluctant to and think is outdated. He makes us understand, connect and love something most of us did not care about. That’s as powerful a speech as it gets. This man is unbelievable. He does not take himself seriously yet he is driven by an immense desire to connect and share. He is a true master.”

As a man who defines himself by risk-taking, his advice to us all and especially for the young generation is: “Work HARD on your talent and your desire. Don’t give up. Don’t rush into things but make sure to reach your goals, your dream, one step at a time. We are born to be, to experience, to feel. If you were to die in six months, what would you do? Do this.”

Sueli Brodin
Communication and Speakers Liaison