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Picture by: Linelle Deunk

Roos Vonk is a professor of social psychology at Radboud University Nijmegen, a published author of several bestseller books, columnist, coach, and educator. In addition, she is dedicated to improving animal welfare and sustainability. She is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in, even if this has gotten her into trouble on a few occasions.

She is an idealist, independent and free-thinking and that is exactly what she wants to put up for discussion during her TEDxMaastricht talk:
“How free are your choices really?”.

For many of us, living in the Netherlands or in Europe is a synonym to “being free”. Free to make our own choices, express our own thoughts and opinions, explore our talents and take full advantage of the chances life has to offer to us. It’s a constitutional right that is at the root of many of our behaviors and societal dynamics.

We are autonomous individuals assumed to be competent to make their own choices. Sometimes our freedom of choice is threatened – for instance when politicians propose to raise the age at which we can retire or to put windmills in our back yard. Similar, when idealists suggest we should introduce a meat tax and incorporate the true societal costs of food and consumer goods into the retail price, this potentially affects our possible choices. Whenever this happens, we revolt: it would restrict our freedom and the privileges we have acquired.
But how free are we really?

Roos Vonk is here to wake us up and change our perspective on our personal freedom!

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