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Foto: Bas Losekoot / De Correspondent

Jelmer Mommers is an investigative journalist specialized in the field of climate change and energy
 for the Dutch journalism platform The Correspondent. He focuses on the intersection between sustainability, culture, politics and economics. His thesis earned him the Villamedia thesis prize back in 2012, and his efforts to reconstruct Dutch energy policy earned him a prize for investigative journalism.

Jelmer spent his whole life combining his passion for journalism and sustainability. From his journalism studies, to his time at De Groene Amsterdammer, Jelmer has been a vocal proponent of immediate climate action. He aims to write inspiring stories in order to speed up the transition to a more sustainable future.

Jelmer poses that we should not be held back by apocalyptic stories about climate change, and instead, wants to offer our audience a different story. One that is more accurate, humane and hopeful. We are very excited to hear his talk during our conference and know that he will be able to change many people’s perspective.

Valentin Calomme
Communication and social media