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Photo: ©2015 J. von Grumbkow

Michel Huisman (1957),

Living and working in Heerlen, Michel Huisman is an artist and self-proclaimed morphologist who has devoted himself to studying the communicative aspects of shape and structure.

Michel is the inventor and architect of the Maankwartier in his hometown Heerlen. This much-discussed project is transforming the area around the train station into a citadel, thus creating a new connection between the north and south parts of town. Michel is also renowned for his machine-like sculptures. You may also have encountered his beautiful melancholic sculpture in Maastricht city park, which was made to commemorate the bear pit that was in use from 1920 to 1993. The giraffe and the grieving girl are surrounded by sculptures of animals that have gone extinct as a consequence of humanity’s behavior.

In his work he examines definitions of love and the human thought process as a whole. In his talk he will focus on the cultural consequences of aiming for profit without simultaneously creating value and the role art might play in the future. Can Michel change your perspective on art, and on life itself?

Marin Been
Communication and coaching