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Rudy van Belkom is an image expert and lecturer. He is fascinated by changes and trends in our environment. This year his proposal on a possible new electoral system was one of the 10 finalists in the Radical Innovators competition made possible by Kennisland, Vrij Nederland and Kennis Jong.

We have all faced situations where we feel stuck, that we do not have a choice. What if we were able to change our perspective and open up new possibilities for ourselves? Well, it turns out we can, and Rudy will let us know all about it during his talk.

During elections, we vote for our favorite party or in many cases ‘the lesser of two evils’. Rudy proposes a different and more modular approach. Why limit our freedom of choice? He will explain his future view on elections of which he is convinced will result in more public commitment.

Valentin Calomme
Communication and social media