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Photography: Willeke Machiels

Numbers are being used every day. In the news, in politics, in our jobs, and even in our social interactions. They are used to convince, explain, but also to deflect from what is truly happening. Too often, numbers appear as abstract, objective and difficult. Sanne Blauw’s mission is to make the world of numbers accessible to all.

Sanne has broken most stereotypes about someone interested in mathematics throughout her life. From working at the OECD, to being a member of her University Council, to becoming a journalist. Sanne is far more than what most people would expect from a person with a PhD in econometrics.

During her PhD, Sanne conducted fieldwork in Bolivia and Uganda to collect data. Using various quantitative methods, she combined applied microeconometrics, psychology and development economics. Sanne is convinced that a better understanding of statistics would make the world a better place. Now, as a journalist for The Correspondent, she strives to convince all of us to second-guess the numbers that shape our worldview.

A self-proclaimed nerd, a teacher, a writer, Sanne will now also be able to call herself a TEDx Speaker. We cannot be more excited to hear her talk at our conference.

Valentin Calomme
Communication and social media