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Now that the year is coming to an end, it is time to reflect on the things accomplished this year. We just received the result from the TEDxMaastricht 2016 post event survey from in New York. They asked you – our audience – one simple question: “How likely it is that you would recommend the TEDxMaastricht conference to a friend”?

The NSP (Net Promotor Score) we received back from TED was an amazing 76 – which is fancy talk for a Dutch school grade of 9.3 out of 10! In other words, out of the 456 guests who answered this question, only 11 were unhappy costumers. That means, we and the large majority of our audience are very happy costumers ☺ We couldn’t ask for more. After our 8.8 score last year, it is incredible to see that we could raise the bar even higher. Together with your tips and feedback, this motivates us to keep this trend going and ensure that the best TEDxMaastricht event is yet to come (2017!).

In the survey there was also room for your comments. What stood out was your appreciation of the quality of the line-up and smooth organisation this year. Visitors also pointed out that the TEDxMaastricht community is the perfect place to network and meet like-minded, vibrant and talented people, who are willing to make a difference, share and connect with each other. This is not a surprise, since our community has a strong cross-cultural and multi-national character, representing more than 40 nationalities and people from all ages, occupations and backgrounds. As excellently put by one of our visitors: “TEDxMaastricht is a glorious way to unite people to listen to personal stories, get inspired, meet new people and be exposed to different viewpoints”.

Our team and the great partners supporting us in organising our event every year, share the feeling that our community is the best place to spark meaningful conversations. Together with our partners, we aim to keep organising our event for many years to come and encourage connections which will enrich the future of our city and the province of Limburg. With our community as a perfect breeding ground for talent and change.

We encourage you to revisit our 2016 talks and have a look at the videos online. If you want to actively support our event and the speakers on our stage, we also encourage you to share, share, share the videos. This way, you can help raise even more awareness for the topics that inspired you during the day. See you in 2017!

Gonny Willems, Licensee and curation

Here is some of the official feedback we received from TED which made the team and I very proud:


“Such an eye-opener! A very varied program, excellent speakers and performers. One day TEDxMaastricht was more inspiring than complete year at work. Left the theatre feeling energized again!”

“Very inspirational, important that these activities can go on independently, all over the world, bringing together people that want a better, sustainable, more social world or exploring different, better solutions, networking possibilities, important for new volunteers to experience how it feels when you contribute in a non-commercial way to a very nice shared goal! I can go on a bit….keep up the good work!”

 “Empathy and Inspiration – it’s rare to go to events that open up your heart. TedX Maastricht does it to me each time”.

“I was overwhelmed by the flawless organization, the friendly service and the content and enthusiasm of the speakers. Immense joy and sorrow, confronting themes told briefly and clearly passionate, beautiful music and breathtaking dancing. I’m a fan”.

“Obviously the experience in itself was great, and I didn’t expect to have so much to think about when it ended. It can really be life changing”.

“TEDx was a great experience. The environment itself is full of energy and drive. On top of that, the talks give tangible tips to combine with that energy to motivate one to transform the world around them. It’s a very encouraging and inspirational experience”.

  “I felt like a VIP guest during the TEDxMaastricht. Great speakers, nice location, delicious food, talented host and a great inspiration! I would definitely recommend it!”

 “My first time … and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful performances of music and dance, the compelling and captivating stories and especially the feeling of wanting to act, wanting to participate. Not just watch things to happen, but to get involved. It was really inspiring!”

“Most of the talks were inspiring, the framework programme was wonderful, the food was delicious, the volunteers were helpful and friendly – as a whole a great event!”

“The entire day just made sense: great quality of speakers onstage, a very welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, a very international and varied crowd (nice to talk to so many different people during the breaks), a great (free!) vegetarian lunch and enough new ideas & inspiration to last me at least until next year”.