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She describes herself as an energetic, sweet and brave woman who sees life as a never ending discovery and who will face every challenge that comes across to make the most out of every situation. As a former judoka, Dutch Champion, European Champion and World Champion she proves no challenge is too big for her. But has she always been happy?

“I’m the girl who lived the dream and was very successful in every part of her life”, she begins her story. “I was the insecure overachiever who kept striving for a perfect picture. Despite all my great achievements, I felt unhappy. I couldn’t keep that up and was forced to take a real good look at myself. What I found, was a totally different person.”

That’s exactly what Edith wants to share with her audience, she says. “What I really want to share is that no matter who you are, every person will face challenges in their life. There is no right or wrong. Only moments to explore what you are doing and make a better choice for yourself in a certain situation and at a particular moment.” By sharing her story, she hopes to achieve that people will reflect on their own life. “That they become more aware of where they are, what they want and to stay true to themselves. I am most passionate about enabling people to become more aware of their behaviour and what lies beneath it – the essence of their behaviour – with only one purpose: to live a happier life.”

If more people would live their lives like that, she believes a change can be made. “The change I would like to see in the world we live in, is that there would be more love and acceptance. This would create a world in which every human being would take more responsibility, would be more kind to others and would be willing to share and to make the world we live in a better place.” If she could have any kind of super power, Edith would choose the ability to spread unconditional love. “More (self) love will create acceptance, kindness and freedom, which would make the world a better place.”

Ninih Vang