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She is most passionate about gaining new insights and learning new things, especially when it comes to societal issues. Lisa Hu graduated in 2014 from Design Academy Eindhoven – department Man and Leisure. She’s been a social designer ever since. Lisa believes in designing solutions for these issues, whilst including the people concerned from start to finish. She thinks the awareness about this already starts with kids at school. Which is why she designed a citizenship game, enabling them to discuss societal issues and explore their own stance.

“I would like to see a world in which different perspectives are allowed to exist alongside eachother”, Lisa explains. “This means there needs to be freedom and space for questioning what we find normal and why. To make this possible and to keep each other sharp, we need to keep on meeting and truly seeing each other.” She has definitely come to the right place here at Tedx Maastricht.

“One of the periods that could be all about wondering how the world works, usually has a strong focus on learning ‘the one way things work’: when you’re at school” says Lisa. “Whereas school time is also a special period, in the sense that you’ll probably never have so many different backgrounds together in a room anymore in your life. What if you’d use that, and what if there was a moment at school for broadening and enriching each others perspectives? If we don’t just learn how society works at the moment, but also get the chance to question it and look for our own rights and wrongs?” Her way of thinking resulted in designing a special game: “Together with students and teachers, I designed a citizenship game, enabling them to discuss societal issues and explore their own stance. Players build creative solutions for moral dilemmas while in search for a world they would all want to live in. And let’s always keep on wondering about this, in or out of school: why does the world work the way it does, and is it how I want it to work?”

“If I could have a superpower, what would it be? Well, I’d choose the power to enable myself and others to really be and feel like someone else – not just assuming how others experience the world, but actually living it ourselves for a moment.”