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“I am a true believer  of the necessity of communication between people in order to grow or to develop as human beings”, says Adriaan Luteijn as he starts his story. “But not only by spoken word. I am an artist and my passion is the art of dance.”

In 1989 Adriaan joined the ballet company Introdans ( Arnhem, The Netherlands) as a dancer. Today – still working at the same company – he is using this art form to bridge worlds and to connect people. “It is a lingue franca of humanity , and we should use it more often. If I had a super power, I would like to reveil this hidden language in all people, and make people feel their body, the joy of movement and the  interconnection with others.”

In his talk, he will share some of his conclusions of the work that he has done in 30 years of linking worlds  through the means of dance. “I use the professional environment of Introdans (its dancers, its staff, its status) as a launch platform for various encounters between people. Dance is sometimes considered as a difficult art, but in fact all people have it in their bodies.  I’m going to give a little practical excercise to state my opinion, that dance at least opens doors, even in big audiences .Next to that, some examples and conclusions of former projects will be shown, which state the succes factor of dancing and performing together. In the end I would be satisfied if the audience feels tickled and smiles after I’m done talking, and invites their partner, mother, son, neighbour or anyone else later that day for a little dance at home. Because I think there should be more dancing than talking.”

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