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She’s a passionate, young dairy farmer and mother of three children. Agnes Lensing is proud of the farm she built with her family: “I want to be able to give my own children the same childhood I had; growing up on a farm with cows, lots of space and parents nearby all day. I wish to make Dutch citizens proud of the Dutch farmers again, because they produce good quality food in an environmentally friendly way and they treat their animals in a good way. And of course I would also want the farmers to be proud of themselves again!”

Her talk at TEDxMaastricht 2018 will be about her own life as a farmer. “I am going to talk about how we deal with constantly changing governmental rules. Many people and policy makers don’t even know what is actually happening on dairy farms nowadays and what problems we have to deal with. As a young, proud farmer I want to show the world what our lives actually look like.”

With this, she hopes to create political awareness that will lead to proper legislations in a long-term policy. “I hope that I will be able to continue the battle, open the eyes of politicians and motivate them to revise the current situation so that many young farmers will have a bright future. But I also would like to open the eyes of the audience in my own, humble way. Because we all have big influence on policymakers and we all want good food that is produced in a sustainable way, right?”

“The agricultural sector is very important to feed all the people in the world in a sustainable way and I hope everybody, farmers as well as non-farmers, will be proud of that.”

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