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When Baldwin van Gorp is asked to describe himself, this is the answer you get:I am a dreamer. But I have learned to reduce my dreams to realistic proportions so that they are really worth pursuing. For example, a dream of mine was to integrate my drawing hobby into my academic work. Nowadays I do that without embarrassment.”

Baldwin van Gorp is a professor of journalism at the Institute for Media Studies at KU Leuven, and since he started his dissertation in 1999 he is passionately working on the concept of framing. “After my PhD defence, I tried to get rid of it. But that did not work out. And at this point, I don’t even want to stop anymore. My intention is to explain to the audience of TEDxMaastricht what they can do with framing, how it works, but especially how the notion can expand their view of the world.”

If there’s one change he would like to see in the world, it would be that people would listen to each other more and take genuine interest in each other. “I suspect that this would lead to more mutual understanding, of which there is too little in this polarized world.”

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Ninih Vang