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Good things come in small sizes. Or at least, that’s what Aziza Khabbush likes to think. At only 5″1 of awesome, Aziza is a scientist, leadership expert and advocate, and is passionate about finding creative ways of amplifying the voices of those often less-heard by the world. However, she often wishes she had the power to Apparate (or teleport, for the Muggles out there) and stop time: so she can be at the places she wants to be, see the people she wants to be with and do all the things she wants to do.

“We all have the power to effect change in the world, but quite often we’re discouraged from seeing ourselves as leaders by the way leadership is framed in discourse and society. So in my TEDxMaastricht talk I will be talking about recognising that leadership, evolving the definition of leadership and hopefully inspiring the leader within you to move forward to achieve the change you wish to see.”

What change Aziza would like to see in the world? “Less of the same kinds of people in power and the same mistakes being made, over and over and over again. Humans don’t ever seem to learn…”

Ninih Vang