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Two doctors, who are passionate about the mystery of life and have the honor to work a job they love every day. If Esther Heuts and Stefania Tuinder had a superpower, it would be a healing touch. “Because giving back a healthy body and mind to someone is the most beautiful reward you can give. Even as a doctor, you are powerless in front of people suffering and dying too often.”

“We would like to spread the unique knowledge and techniques we have learned and we have developed  to give women  a part of themselves back, as well as give them their lives back after  facing breast cancer. Today, the diagnosis ‘breast cancer’ doesn’t mean that you will die for sure because, fortunately, many times you can heal. On the other hand it means that you will live with scars on your body and your soul for the rest of your life.”

Moreover, facing daily  live and death, Esther and Stefania want to share some positive messages about life, messages that they try to tell their children every day: “Live with passion every day, do what you love,  because every day we have is a gift. Scars, on your body and soul, can’t always be prevented. Accept them and use them as a reminder  to make every day even more meaningful.”

Ninih Vang