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If Leon Aarts is passionate about one thing, it is about creating a beautiful, equal world. How? “I believe sharing a meal with others has the power to do just that. We live in a world where the growing gap between human beings is ever wider. By my own experiences, I like to share what I learned and experienced about how sharing a meal can shift our perception and expand our views.”

“What superpower I would like to have? I believe real superpowers are compassion, kindness, love and gratitude. I would choose compassion out of these as a superpower. To create a world in which we look at what we have in common, instead of focusing on our differences. I would like to encourage people to have a meal with someone who they think is totally different from themselves to discover that compassion truly is delicious.”

Leon would like to see a world in which no one goes to bed hungry. “A world where hunger is not just about food, but a world in which everyone is equal and feels fulfilled in every possible way.”

Ninih Vang